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Bethany Community Ministries (BCM) Program Director Job Description


Position Requirements

  1. It is preferred that applicant possess some experience working in organizations or ministries that intersect with services in the area commonly referred to as human services.

  2. A degree in sociology or a ministry related field would be preferred. Fund-raising/grant writing, organizational and communication skills, both written and verbal, are desired for this position.

  3. That the applicant has an understanding of the needs of at-risk youth; churched and un-churched.

  4. The applicant has an approachable and flexible disposition in working with the Board, other staff and volunteers.

  5. That the applicant has familiarity with Microsoft Office, and PowerPoint, and a willingness and desire to become competent with other computer related software as is necessary.

  6. The applicant must be in agreement with the Bethany Baptist Church Statement of Faith and practice a disciplined spiritual life so that he/she may be led by the Holy Spirit.

  7. The position will be a full-time salaried position.



The overall objective for the Program Director is to communicate with the Bethany Community Ministries Board to cast a vision throughout the community and work to carry out the ministry goals as articulated in the strategic plan and mission statement. The responsibilities of the position include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Provide overall supervision for BCM approved ministries, and help recruit, train, and evaluate support staff and volunteers in conjunction with those ministries.

  2. Serve as a credible, articulate spokesperson for BCM so Bethany Baptist Church, the community, funders, legislators and the media understand the mission, goals of BCM.

  3. Raise one-half of Director’s support, and partner with the BCM Board to generate funding that will ensure continued and increased support for BCM through grant writing, fundraiser events, etc. Grant writing experience would be helpful, but having a willingness and desire to learn how to put together a solid grant proposal is essential.

  4. Take a proactive stance in forming and sustaining partnerships with community ministries, organizations and leaders, keeping abreast of community happenings and identifying key resource partners for BCM programming.

  5. Create and maintain operational guidelines for staff, reports, space and program evaluation in accordance with the mission and goals of BCM.

  6. Attend Bethany church functions to get to build relationships with the leaders and members of the congregation.

  7. Attend all BCM Board meetings and committee meetings as needed.

  8. Attend pertinent conferences and training sessions as they become available.

Interested parties should mail their resume to Mark Corbin, Bethany Community Ministries, Bethany Center, 7745 Tioga Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15208 by 7/22/19

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